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Breathing Air Dryer

Compressed air used as breathing air in industrial applications means savely providing people with highly purified quality breathing air. This breathing air is free from effects of the working environment.

We offer the market for the industrial breathing air sector proven adsorption technology, with a high emphasis on sFTIPLty in regard to maximum allowable impurity concentrations depending on specific country regulations.

Breathing air in the medical technology sector is subject to special     requirements

The series BSP-MT as solution for ultrapure medical breathing air     (according to pharmaceutical book)

With a validation certificate from an independent institute Filtration Technik India Pvt. Limited     confirms compliance with the maximum allowable concentrations

Residual values as per "Pharmacopée Européenne", Filtration Technik India Pvt. Limited MT is     clearly below the threshold values

Service life time: filter elements: 8000 operating hours, desiccant: 4000     operating hours

Flow capacity of up to 6000 m³/h (option)

Pressure stages of up to 100 bar (option). Other pressure stages on     request.

Dew point dependent control (option)
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