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Drying Technology

FTIPL Customaries drying solution finally pays back to customer. We offer highly efficient drying by means of adsorption dryers & Refrigeration dryers. Our Compressed air dryers are engineered components for complete systems, which outperform the requirements regarding their capability, operating reliability and efficiency.


Compressed Air must be dry

Compressed air one of the most important source of energy within industry today. Insufficient treatment of this air leads to the build-up of aggressive condensate, which not only causes havoc in pipe work and pressure vessels but can lead to expensive downtime and paralysis of production processes.

Eliminate the problem

The “ Cirrus”  dryer range teats compressed air efficiently, meeting the user needs and eliminating the problems associated with wet, untreated air in compressed air systems in the 21st century will have to measure up to the ever increasing demands for better quality and more efficiently produced products. When fitted with high-performance filtration, the represents a performance package capable of meeting and surprising these demands.

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