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High Pressure Adsoption Air dryer

Filtration Technik India Pvt. Limited Series HPD is suitable for many intermediate and high pressure applications where high quality compressed air or gas up to 420 bar  is required. Typically in  Power Plants, Energy Supply, Engine Start up systems, Offshore, oil gas industries, Pipeline Construction, Aeronautics , Medical Laboratories , Breathing air, Marine Engineering , Breweries , Hospitals, Instrumentation etc.
Features of HPD Dryer :

Dew Point option of -40°C to -70°C PDP

A Mixed adsorption bed allows inlet temperature up to 50°C with    high adsorption and desorption efficiency.

Operation can be matched to load / unload state of the    compressor.

High capacity drying bed offer good moisture serperation and    long reserves times.

All drying systems are supplied complete with high efficiency oil    removal and dust filtration.

Control block is designed as a block system to minimize pipe    connections and the risk of expensive air leaks.

Electronic controls are fitted as standard.

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