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Reneable Energy (Biogas)

Bio-energy refers to renewable energy coming from biological material such as trees, plants, manure, waste. Biogas is available from any organic material such as  landfills , wastewater treatment plants , agriculture and livestock operations, organic industrial waste treatment plants, separated municipal solid wastes , gasification of biomass residues

Biogas is produced when bacteria decompose biological matter in an anaerobic environment (no oxygen is present). The decay of biomass produces a gas that can be used as an energy source. The products include gas with 45 to 80 percent methane content.

For biogas usage as a clean fuel, impurities  such as hydrogen sulphide , water, Carbon dioxide, halogen compounds , siloxanes, aromatic compounds needs to be removed as they cause corrosion, deposits and damage to equipments.

FTIPL Range of biogas treatment products 


Cooling and chilling packages

Condensate drains

Gas drying and dehydration packages, utilising TSA and PSA technology

Removal systems for siloxanes, H2S, NH3, HHC from biogas/ landfillgas

High Pressure compressed gas filters

Instrument air packages

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