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Medical Vacuum Filter

FTIPL - MV Medical Vacuum Filters are designed for critical applications involving the removal of liquid, solid and bacterial contamination from the suction side of vacuum pump systems, preventing damage to the pump and the potential biological infection of the surrounding environment.

The vacuum removal systems found throughout hospitals in area's such as general wards, operating theatres, dental departments, pathology departments, pharmacy laboratories, and mortuary / post mortem rooms will usually be connected to either a large centralized vacuum plant or a smaller, localized vacuum pump or network.

Filtration Technik India Pvt. Limited - MV Medical Vacuum filters can be installed to protect these systems no matter where they are located.

Designed as per HTM 2022.
MV filter efficiency test and BS3928 Sodium Flame Test.
Low cost ownership
Pleated filter elements , high dirt holding capacity , longer life .
Easy removable sterilisable drain  flask.

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